Ryerson hosts one of its first major eSports tournaments

The room was filled with tension, high stakes, and arcade sticks at Ryerson’s first Mortal Kombat tournament this past Sunday. Continue reading “Ryerson hosts one of its first major eSports tournaments”


Good Games, Bad Movies: Fight Night

Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter

Movies based on video games are notoriously bad.

So bad that everyone can remember a video game movie that has just turned them off of the entire series for them – and sadly I can remember too many. I decided to go into the deep depths of the film vault to bring back a couple of forgotten movies that left a bad taste in every gamer’s mouth, and then pit them against each other. With so many horrible ones out there it was tough to pick the first two, but after some work I think I’ve done it. Continue reading “Good Games, Bad Movies: Fight Night”