Heartseeker Skins Released: New Icons, Skins, and Bundles

What is love? Probably these fresh Valentine’s Day skins.


Love is in the air on Summoner’s Rift, and you know what that means! Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, and the Heartseeker skins are back in action. Continue reading “Heartseeker Skins Released: New Icons, Skins, and Bundles”

Cloud9 Crushes TSM in a Convincing Sweep

Cloud9 started the 2017 Spring LCS season off with an amazing start on Friday, giving Team SoloMid a wake up call in a rematch of last split’s battle. Continue reading “Cloud9 Crushes TSM in a Convincing Sweep”

Snowdown Crafting: Everything You Need to Know

Snowdown Showdown is back and better than ever with legacy skins, special icons, and Hextech Crafting. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the new things in this frosty update, but this guide to Snowdown Crafting will make sure you don’t lose your cool while making your way around the holiday themed Summoner’s Rift. Continue reading “Snowdown Crafting: Everything You Need to Know”

Camille’s Ability Kit Revealed

Last week Camille, the newest League of Legends champion, was revealed in a comic called Severed Ties. In the comic Camille was shown to be a cold-blooded assassin who used strings and Hextech gear to deliver justice, and it got a lot of fans excited to find out about her abilities. Continue reading “Camille’s Ability Kit Revealed”

Everything I Hate About League of Legends

A few years ago there was this one night where a bunch of my friends and I were playing Super Smash Bros. Melee, the go-to game to play if you had people over. It was an amazing fighting game that filled the room with fun times, laughter, and even yelling over cheap moves, Melee was the perfect multiplayer game to my young eyes. Continue reading “Everything I Hate About League of Legends”