Nioh’s Final Demo Kicks Off Today

This weekend marks the last chance for players to try out Team Ninja’s upcoming samurai action game Nioh.  Continue reading “Nioh’s Final Demo Kicks Off Today”


Skullgirls Developer Recruits Studio Trigger for Their Newest Game

This morning Lab Zero Games announced they are teaming up with Studio Troggier , the Japanese animation studio that has worked on shows like as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, and Kill la Kill to create the intro animation for the upcoming role-playing game Indivisible. Continue reading “Skullgirls Developer Recruits Studio Trigger for Their Newest Game”

Camille’s Ability Kit Revealed

Last week Camille, the newest League of Legends champion, was revealed in a comic called Severed Ties. In the comic Camille was shown to be a cold-blooded assassin who used strings and Hextech gear to deliver justice, and it got a lot of fans excited to find out about her abilities. Continue reading “Camille’s Ability Kit Revealed”