Good Games, Bad Movies: Fight Night

Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter


Movies based on video games are notoriously bad.

So bad that everyone can remember a video game movie that has just turned them off of the entire series for them – and sadly I can remember too many. I decided to go into the deep depths of the film vault to bring back a couple of forgotten movies that left a bad taste in every gamer’s mouth, and then pit them against each other. With so many horrible ones out there it was tough to pick the first two, but after some work I think I’ve done it. Continue reading “Good Games, Bad Movies: Fight Night”

How Bioshock’s Intro Sequence Changed The Way I Look At Horror Games

A mini-retrospective on Rapture

Its been nine years since the original Bioshock came out – a game where players dove face first into the twisted underwater dystopia known as Rapture – and to this day it remains one of the creepiest, most discomforting games out there. The twisted atmosphere has spanned over two sequels, and with the recent release of Bioshock: The Collectionyou have the chance to play all of them again. Continue reading “How Bioshock’s Intro Sequence Changed The Way I Look At Horror Games”

4 PS4 Games You Need to Play Before Fall

There’s an awful summer stigma in the video game community where a lot of people think its bad to have a few months where there aren’t blockbuster titles coming out every weekend, and I think those people are wrong. If AAA video games were releasing frequently all year round I would probably just get tired of them, and experience a summer blues because each title would have way less of an impact. Continue reading “4 PS4 Games You Need to Play Before Fall”

Overwatch: ‘The Last Bastion’ is an Amazing Visual Story

Everybody hates Bastion, and Blizzard noticed that so they created a new animated short called “The Last Bastion” that tells the robots story with no words.

Let me preface this with a few words to explain how most of the Overwatch community feels about Bastion, the Battle Automaton.

Everybody hates Bastion.

It’s a common consensus that if you play Bastion it means that you enjoy seeing other people’s pain. Continue reading “Overwatch: ‘The Last Bastion’ is an Amazing Visual Story”

Why a Good Narrative is Important

I finally got around to playing Gone Home and it’s one of my most cherished gaming experiences. It was so unique and immersive. When I read a blurb for Gone Home I didn’t think much of it, and I certainly didn’t think a game with such a simple premise would have a deeply thought out, moving narrative. Continue reading “Why a Good Narrative is Important”