Galio Rework: His New Look Just Got Revealed, and It’s Super Fly

Galio’s rework is finally here. That nasty gargoyle is back and he looks shiny, golden, and better than ever in a short video preview. Continue reading “Galio Rework: His New Look Just Got Revealed, and It’s Super Fly”


The Flame in the Flood Review

Ever since the release of Minecraft there’s been a wave of survival and crafting games that hasn’t seemed to stop. It’s become a genre filled with mediocrity and recycled mechanics; tons of games trying to replicate a formula that’s been done a thousand times. It starting to become stale. That’s why I was slightly hesitant before trying out The Flame in the Flood on the PlayStation 4, I didn’t want to jump into an experience I’d basically already played before. But when I first landed on the start screen I was greeted by a sweet southern harmonica, a booming river, and a lone crow’s calls; it set the tone for a marvellous adventure that calmed all my concerns. Continue reading “The Flame in the Flood Review”