Street Fighter 5 is Getting in the Holiday Spirit

Get ready to kick off Street Fighter 5’s second season with some holiday fun! December 20th marks the start of a whole bunch of new content for the fighting game everyone loves.

The first present under the Capcom tree is a whole bunch of new festive costumes. There are a total of 6, and they’re revealed in the SFV: Holiday Content 2016 trailer. One for R. Mika, Juri, Zangief, Ken, Laura, and Karin. Each costume will cost you $3.99 (40,000 Fight Money) or you could just pick them all up in the cleanly packaged Holiday Bundle for $19.99.

The best way to play around with your new costumes is on an equally festive stage, and you’re in luck because there is also going to be a holiday-themed version of the New York stage called Frosty Blvd. All of the holiday content is only out for a limited time only, it will disappear on January 17th.

It’s all good if holiday costumes aren’t your thing because there are also some other skins available: B-Boy Ryu and B-Girl Chun-Li for all your inner hip-hop needs. They are $3.99 each and aren’t limited edition, so you can pick these up whenever.

The update also brings the release of Akuma, who was shown off at the PlayStation Experience! There are also a huge amount of changes for Street Fighter 5’s season 2. So many changes that Capcom has released a 92 page PDF full of detailed patch notes on the new season.


Author: Funké

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