Snowdown Crafting: Everything You Need to Know

Snowdown Showdown is back and better than ever with legacy skins, special icons, and Hextech Crafting. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the new things in this frosty update, but this guide to Snowdown Crafting will make sure you don’t lose your cool while making your way around the holiday themed Summoner’s Rift.

Snowdown Sweets

These tasty treats drop from Hextech chests and can be used to craft special snowy icons. The icons include a sad gingerbread man, a really happy penguin, a hungry poro and more! Don’t worry if you aren’t getting enough Snowdown Sweets from chests or boxes, you’ll be able to buy two each weekend day for 200 IP each.

Check some of them out below:


The Re-gifted Amumu and Poro Snax Lover icons come with a temporary in-game emote. They look similar to previous temporary emotes like the Team Fire vs Team Ice ones. Hop on them soon so you can start flexing on your enemies as soon as possible!

Hextech Boxes

These boxes probably look familiar if you’ve tried Hextech Crafting in the past, but this time they’re a little bit more iced out. Each box drops the regular Hextech stuff deal and one Snowdown Sweet. There’s also a chance  that it’ll drop a Poro King’s Treasure Chest fragment.

Photo Credits: Riot Games / The Rift Herald

Legacy Chests

This is sort of a throwback chest – it exclusively drops skin shards for retired legacy skins. The chest costs 295 RP and the cool part about it is that it doesn’t require a key, the not so cool part is that it’s only available on weekends.

Photo Credits: Riot Games / The Rift Herald

Snowdown Chests

These extremely icey boxes are basically better versions of the regular hextech boxes. They cost 295 RP, drop 3 Snowdown Sweets, and have the double chances to drop Poro King’s Treasure Chest fragments.  You’re limited to buying six of them per day.

All of the skin shards that come out of these boxes also follow a daily theme.

Photo Credits: Riot Games / The Rift Herald

Poro King’s Treasure Chests

Now for the chest that with a moustache: The Poro King’s Treasure Chest! The reason this special chest is on everyone’s wishlist is because you’re guaranteed to get a permanent skin shard from it. The tricky part is that it’s only obtainable through crafting

Photo Credits: Riot Games / The Rift Herald

There you have it! That’s everything you need to know to skate smoothly around the League of Legends client, Summoner’s Rift, and Snowdown Showdown.


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