Balrog Charges Into Street Fighter V This Friday

America’s favourite boxer, Balrog, enters the ring in Street Fighter V this Friday, July 1 on both PS4 and PC.

The boxer everyone loves to hate will be making an entrance in Street Fighter V’s June monthly update. He’ll be joined Ibuki, Daily Challenges, and the long awaited story mode – making this patch the biggest update yet for the game yet. Finally, no one can complain about the game lacking a key feature.

Balrog is back and better than ever in his release trailer. Sporting a new suit and new moves, it looks like Balrog’s gonna be adding a fresh new style to his classic boxer beat-downs. The trailer doesn’t formally explain his move-set, but it does show him laying down a whole bunch of brutal combos on poor old M. Bison.

The end of the trailer also grants us a sneak peek at two other DLC characters: Juri and Urien. From the footage Juri is shown once again fighting with her unique acrobatic Taekwando style, utilizing her quick movements and pink ki-attacks. Urien is returning with his fan favorite metallic sphere from Street Fighter 3: 2nd Impact and this time he’s finally wearing some clothes.

Juri in Street Fighter V
Juri’s appearance in Street Fighter V
Urien in Street Fighter V
Urien’s appearance in Street Fighter V





Even though the June update has been pushed to July 1, Capcom has packed it with a bunch of content ranging from new stages, new challenges, and the two new DLC characters: Balrog and Ibuki. Capcom hopes that fans will accept this as an apology for the month long delay.

What unannounced characters do you want to see added to Street Fighter V? Are you excited about story mode finally being added to the game? Let me know in the comments. For more news and editorials, stay tuned here.


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