Overwatch is Looking Great

Today I spent a lot of time playing Blizzard’s Overwatch beta and I can already tell it’s going the fresh new shooter we’ve all been waiting for.

Overwatch has been gathering steam since it’s reveal at Blizzcon back in 2014, but I’ve only been following it for a few months now. In that short amount of time where I was observing the game’s evolution and the community’s growth, Overwatch omitted a ray of hope that captivated me like no other shooter has before. I’ve been excited for games, but not like this.

I didn’t know why I was scrupulously staying up late just trying to gauge the powers and abilities of each character teased in the game’s trailers. But then it dawned on me. I haven’t played a shooter I truly enjoyed since Halo: Reach. Sure, there have been a lot that I’ve devoted copious amounts of time on since the Halo series, but there hasn’t been one that made me feel the way that Halo did. I had an inkling of desire for Overwatch to fill that bullethole in my heart.


It’s a certain feeling that every multiplayer shooting game should be thriving attain. That oddly relieving feeling when you’re losing a match so devastatingly badly, that you should be disheartened, but it doesn’t even matter because you’re having fun. It’s the perpetual smile on your face while you’re playing a round with your friends. The sense of reward and accomplishment you get when you correctly collaborate with your team to win a game right at the last nanosecond possible. Overwatch has all of those emotions bundled together with lively characters and gorgeous maps which create a shining shooter wrapped with a welcoming glow.

Boasting a solid roster of 21 characters on launch day, Overwatch will never leave you bored. If you’re ever tired of a Hero’s playstyle you’ll always have someone else to learn on the battlefield. During the beta I was actually amazed with the amount of character customization that had already been implemented into the game. Every time after you level up you obtain a Loot Crate. Loot Crates are full of customizables that span from victory poses to spray paint tags to one of the giant plethora of Hero skins. All of the characters are truly unique. Even though they all seem so powerful, there’s still a serene balance on teams between attackers, tanks, supports, and snipers. They’re each equipped with their own particular personality and specific arsenal of tools and abilities that you’ll have to familiarize yourself with quickly in order to survive against your opponents- it’s a very fast-paced experience.


Overwatch doesn’t hide the fact that it’s main muse was Team Fortress 2. Instead, it shamelessly draws from the classes, gamemodes, and themes within it’s inspiration and enhances each idea to it’s full capability. The reason why I’m so attracted to Overwatch rather than Team Fortress 2 or other games of that ilk, was because Blizzard made a shooter that was also visually pleasurable. Unlike most triple A shooters, the game isn’t dark or gritty. It’s fun to look at. Walking around and surveying the in-game world is a treat that I’m grateful to be able to experience. The best word to describe Overwatch is Vibrant. The visuals and overall graphics give off a jolly aura that would make anyone want to keep coming back to it.

Honestly I can’t wait for Overwatch to be released. Tomorrow I’m gonna preorder a copy and I suggest you do too. It taps into the core feelings that every shooter should prevoke, has a great cast of characters and maps that will leave you satisfied for a long time to come. Overwatch is a great game to play with friends and it’s a fresh shooter that will be a long-time fan favourite on the Playstation 4.

Overwatch releases on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC worldwide this May 24, 2016.



Author: Funké

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