Ice leaves S2J Hanging at Smash Summit

Last week during Smash Summit 2, S2J Johnny experienced the most morale crushing defeat of the tournament.

It’s happened to all of us… You go in to give your homie some props, but they don’t see your hand and subsequently send you into an awkward void of unfulfilled praise. While it may be a common catastrophe, it’s usually only noticeable to the props giver and a few others. Sadly, that wasn’t the case for S2J on Saturday when his failure was streamed live for thousands to see.

Shown in the video above, after Ice landed a sweet up-air to secure his reverse 3-0 on PewPewU, S2J decided to show Ice some love with a fist bump, but was instead met with nothingness. An awkward shuffle in his chair ended the awkward escapade, but don’t feel too bad S2J, it happens to the best of us.

You can give him your condolences on his stream here!

Author: Funké

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