Next Month’s PS Plus Free Games

With April right around the corner many Playstation owners have been waiting to hear what the new PS Plus free games will be, luckily today they were announced!

The six games that will be available in April are as follows:

A Virus Named TomPS Vita

Originally released in 2012, this action-puzzle game from indie developer Misfits Attic is coming back for free! The title actually explains the basic premise of the game. You play as a virus named ‘Tom’ and your mission is to cause the most destruction to all nearby technology by solving small puzzles.

Dead Star, PS4

Dead Star is a new top-down twin-stick space shooter devoloped by Armature. It features a 10 vs 10 multiplayer mode, ship customization, and fast paced action. Guiding your ship through a strange galaxy whilst fighting off enemies looks like it’ll be a blast in this game.

I Am Alive, PS3

This third person post-apocalyptic survival game was created by Ubisoft. In this game you get the chance to explore this broken world full of hostile survivors that you have to use different tactics to deal. From stealth kills to bluffing with a gun you have a wide array of choices to deal with your enemies.

Savage Moon, PS3

Savage Moon is a tower defense strategy game developed by FluffyLogic that has you defending your space base from alien hordes. You’ll have to upgrade your weapons and outsmart the enemies in order to win this game.

Shutshimi, PS Vita

This underwater game by Neon Deity Games lets you get in touch with your inner goldfish. Playing as a fish armed and gunned to the max you have to fight off evil cats in a procedural generated sea.

Zombi, PS4

Zombi is another Ubisoft game for this month, but this time it’s a first person zombie survival game. You explore this zombie ridden town by utilizing all of your skills and weapons to get out to a safe house.


Author: Funké

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