Young Justice Season 3?

Fans of Young Justice are overwhelmed with joy because of hints at a possible revival of the much loved series.

Earlier last month Greg Weisman, a producer and writer for Young Justice posted a tweet that got a lot of people wondering about the future of the show.


Not only does Weisman unveil the availability of season 1 and season 2 he also teases Young Justice’s third season by name. One can only assume that if they have enough viewers and playbacks the show could possibly come back to life.

Young Justice was released in 2010, and was a critically acclaimed comic cartoon. The show featured the crime-fighting likes of Superboy, Kid Flash, Robin, Aqualad, Miss Martian, and many more teens of the DC Universe. Thanks to it’s diverse set of characters, many people from different backgrounds and genders found a show that was a refreshing break from the common cartoon featuring only white males.

With a large fan base made up of many groups of people you might be wondering how the show got cancelled in the first place. All of the diversity could have been a bad move for Young Justice. Paul Dini another producer for cartoons spoke his thoughts on the matter back in 2013 during an interview.

“…we had families and girls watching, and girls really became a part of our audience…but the Cartoon Network was saying…’no, we want the boys’ action, it’s boys’ action, this goofy boy humor we’ve [got to] get that in there’…I’d say look at the numbers, we’ve got parents watching…[the executives at Cartoon Network say] ‘we’ve got too many girls, we need more boys.’ And that’s why they cancelled us…’We don’t want girls because the girls won’t buy toys….Boys buy the little spinny tops, they buy the action figures, girls buy princesses, we’re not selling princesses.” -Paul Dini, 2013

Many people agreed with Dini’s claims of Cartoon Networks’ blatant sexism and rumours about it spread around until Weisman clarified and said that it was simply because of a lack of toy sales for Young Justice. Take what you will from Weisman’s comment, but I find it hard to believe that the show would be cancelled solely on it’s toys selling poorly. I find Dini’s argument way more convincing, because even when fans tried to buy toys and crowdfund for a revival in the past it didn’t work which could fall into his point of sexism.

Even if the show was shut down suspiciously, what matters is that there is a potential reboot. So if you enjoyed watching the show I suggest you log into Netflix and stream the whole thing tonight. That’s what I’m gonna be doing! Stay tuned for any more updates on Young Justice.


Author: Funké

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