Doublelift’s Roster Switch Drama

Earlier last month, professional League of Legends player Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng was recruited to join Team Solo Mid’s lineup. Being previously associated with another pro North American team, Counter Logic Gaming, naturally some drama has sparked up.

Immediately following the announcement, Doublelift expressed his true feelings on stream about his lane partner, CLG, and TSM.  When asked by a fan “Are you and [Aphromoo] still buddies?” He replied “No, Not really”. He described the event as a falling out and then went on to explain how he didn’t voluntarily leave,  he was ‘kicked’ from CLG. He was playing the victim about the whole situation and was very excited to leave CLG and join the newly crafted TSM.

What’s surprising is that the other members of CLG had completely different stances on what happened. Aphromoo, his support of 3 years, made a followup to Doublelift’s stream, but in a different light. He complimented Doublelift and mentioned how he still believed they were friends. He didn’t understand how someone who he had played with for such a long time would say they weren’t friends just because of a roster switch. You can find his video below.

With so much confusion over what could’ve been a simple player switch, Counter Logic Gaming’s founder, George HotShotGG Georgallidis, had to step in last night to try to clarify things.



Take what you will from his statement, but with 3 different outlooks on what happened, it might just have made you more confused on the reality of the circumstance. Personally, I believe Aphromoo and HotShotGG, and I think Doublelift is just trying to raise up a little drama over nothing, and act like he’s the sufferer in the situation. I’ll keep you updated with any future advancements.

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