Evil Genius’ Momochi Married?

Love has struck the world of Street Fighter today, following last night’s Capcom Cup 2015 event. 

Evil Genius’ Yusuke Momochi, winner of the Ultra Street Fighter IV Evo 2015 tournament, has just tweeted his plans to marry fellow teammate EG ChocoBlanka.

The two met at a Street Fighter arcade tournament back in 2009, and it was love at first sight. They currently live with each other in Nagoya, Japan and produce a blog about their lives and experiences in the gaming world.



Many top players including EG Justin Wong, Alex Myers, and MD Luffy have all voiced their support for this recent announcement. Personally I think this is great to see inside the gaming community and I wish the deadly competitive duo the best of luck with their future endeavours together.

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Author: Funké

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